Frequently Asked Questions


Where did you receive your initial training?


I attended the Alexandar's School of Natural Therapeutics in Tacoma, WA.


Have you received any advanced training?

A massage therapist is always training! I actively participate in continuing education in the form of workshops, seminars, research articles, intensive courses, and special interest groups. Massage Therapy is an exciting, ever-developing field, and a professional massage therapist is always studying new techniques and methods of healing.


Are you a member of any professional organizations?

I am a Platinum member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners.  I also am a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association.


What types of techniques do you use?

 I am trained in Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Deep Tissue and Chair Massage. For an explanation of what all these terms mean, see AMTA terms. I am also a certified Zen Bodytherapy® Practitioner (Structural Integration following Ida Rolf's 10 session recipe) I have study advanced Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation to which Doctor Ron Marriotti ND is one of my mentor's.


What can I expect at my first appointment?

 A warm and friendly welcome! I will meet with you to discuss your treatment with you and you will be asked to fill out a short medical information form. You will have an opportunity to ask as many questions as you want before your session. Your massage will be conducted in a comfortable, private room with your choice of soothing music or ambient sound. Most standard massage sessions last one hour. Basically, it will be a wonderful, quiet, relaxing time to heal and take a break from your hectic day!


Must I disrobe completely?

You may do whatever is comfortable for you. A massage is most effective if most the client's clothing is removed because this allows the therapist to be in direct contact with skin and makes tissue and muscle manipulation much easier. The client is covered by a sheet at all times, ensuring privacy. If you are not comfortable removing your clothing, other techniques can be used, such as Chair Massage, Reflexology (for the feet), Shiatsu (face and head), and Trigger Point Therapy done through the clothing. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and I will customize your session to make sure that happens.


Will I experience any discomfort?

That depends on your treatment plan. A massage is typically a very soothing and tranquil experience. Occasionally, If I need to work out a troubled area of your body to help the healing process, you may experience brief moments of discomfort or pain, but afterward you will feel a lot better! I will meet with you to clearly outline the nature of the treatment before the session begins, and together we will decide on a treatment plan that best meets your needs.


How will I feel afterwards?

Great! After a massage, most people feel refreshed, relaxed, and at peace. A massage can reduce pain, tension and stress. You should drink plenty of water following a massage in order to help expunge the toxins that may be released in your body following a massage and be sure to stay alert if you are driving home.


What can I expect during a Viceral session?

An initial session will typically last one hour and will consist of three parts; an initial unbiased evaluation, a dialogue about your history and symptoms, and treatment.

In order to achieve an unbiased evaluation I ask that you initially refrain from sharing your symptoms. By evaluating you without any prior knowledge of your symptoms it will be easier to localize the root cause. Based on this evaluation and the discussion that follows, during which time you will be encouraged to share your story, I will comprise the most appropriate treatment plan to address your specific issues. However, if you feel it is necessary to inform me of your symptoms, or are simply inquiring about whether this work can be of any help in your particular case, please do not hesitate to ask.


What is Visceral Manipulation?

Visceral manipulation (VM) is a unique and special form of gentle manual therapy that addresses the visceral (organ) systems in the body and works with your own body's ability to heal itself and achieve balance. You are a web of interconnected tissues and each one of your organs relies upon interdependent movements that occur within and around all other organs. When you have an adhesion between two tissues or organs there is a lack of free movement. This results in a decreased function due to an alteration in the actual structure.

For example, think about the number of movements that occur in your chest. There are approximately 120,000 different movements that occur in this area of your body each day. Imagine an adhesion (a stickiness) between two of these structures. Now, instead of the natural flow of interconnected movements you have an alteration in one location that will affect the axis of all other movements. Due to thousands of interdependent movements occurring each day this one "simple" adhesion can have broad implications, magnified over time by the thousands of repetitions. Adhesions can develop due to many factors: trauma, dehydration of tissues, surgery, infections, inflammation, and all forms of stress.


What does Visceral Manipulation treat? (By Ron Marrioti, ND)

Bill Christie, LMP successfully treated a vast array of conditions using this unique form of therapy, such as; brain trauma, motor vehicle accidents, traumatic injury, emotional trauma, digestive complaints, bladder and pelvic organ issues of all types, gallbladder disease, birth trauma, adhesions due to surgery, and musculoskeletal symptoms. Typically, results are experienced rather quickly and only a small number of sessions are required.


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