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Low Back Problems

Why did you come: got lab test back indicating kidney problems

What were your results: Right after massage went for CT Scan which showed " somehow" everything had been resolbed

Would you Recomment others: Absoulutely, At my house, we refer to Bill as "The body whisperer." He is an amazing healer!

GC. Shelton


Lyme Disease

What were your results?  Very Positive. When I started, I felt very swollen and fatigued. The massages helped with this almost immediately. It also seems to help with keeping my liver healthy. I had a blood test that showed elevated liver enzymes, and after my monthly massage the next blood test showed those enzymes back to a normal range.

Would you recommend others? Yes !

MPN Olympia, WA

 Post Breast Cancer
 My lymph channels forgot how to drain leaving inflamed painful skin.

What were your results?   The blessing of Bill's magical soothing
holistic expertise healed my physical and emotional pain."

Would you recommend others? I have.
LM Tumwater, WA.  A million thanks!  I'm already looking forward to my next appointment.


Why did you come? I hurt! Bad!

What were your results?  I don't hurt nearly as much

Would you recommend others? Yes Yes Yes Have

PJS Olympia, WA



Why did you come? I was referred following intensive "dry needling" procedures for extreme back pain. The dry needling broke the log jam, then it was your turn.

What were your results?  Your excellent techniques brought continued improvement allowing me to fully withdraw from all pain meds. I'm not 100%, but consider myself well on the way,

Would you recommend others? Absolutely.... and I have!

YS Lacey, WA



Why Did you Come? I wanted some Post-pregnancy "reconfiguration."

What were your results?  I immediately felt taller and a kind of pervasive sense of ease and flow. Lymph drainage helped my transition from full-time to part-time nursing. Viseral manipulation helped me feel more whole as I did before two pregnancies; as if internally things were beginning to move back to where they were before.

Would you recommend others? I would ( and Have).

MT Sumner, WA



"After 2 years suffering from a car accident, I couldn't stand straight. After one hour on Bill 's table, I stood erect and was able to golf the next day. Thanks."

GW Salt Lake City, UT



"I wasn't able to get a good nights sleep because of the pain in my hips. After the massage the first night I slept the whole night. Please enjoy the brownies I baked for you."

PF Palm Desert, CA


Reiki and Deep Tissue: "Bill was so great. He was communicative and did new stuff I felt amazing and even a little emotional — WONDERFUL!!!!"

RC Los Angeles, CA


"Unusual to find someone with talent and who really enjoys what he does. Thanks Bill."

TR Laguna Niguel, CA


"My first stone experience. It was wonderful! Thanks."

JS Chicago, IL


"Has the best understanding of body needs and best skills to correct the problems of anyone I have ever had." RW Olympia, WA



"I hobbled into your massage room and I danced out. You were great."

CJ (80 years old) Sacramento, CA


"I am amazed how with your gentle touches you find my deep muscle aches - almost like a divining rod. Your touch truly heals." 

LB Olympia, WA



TMJ Patient: "Made my Christmas. Was able to enjoy all the holidays."

CS Indian Wells, CA


"I couldn't raise my arm after my fall. After you worked the muscles and helped with the pain, I was able to raise my arm above my head within an hour."

Thanks DSC, Lacey, WA


"My headaches quit the next day. Thanks."

EB Olympia, WA

"Complete knowledge and understanding of muscles. Has the ability ot put in a relaxed state. I am more relaxed each visit." Thanks

BAG, Olympia WA




Cancer Patient: "I have a lot more movement and the pain has gone.

JO, Tacoma, WA

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